Castle escape blackberry level 12

Set high score with second attempt at this method. It also has the merit of being very repeatable, for those aspiring to improve their scores.

Angry Birds Rio Hidden Harbor Walkthrough Level #12

Your method boosted mine by over 10k, and your willingness to share is greatly appreciated! Such helpful clarification is appreciated as well. Inspired strat! Would never have thought about it. Increased my earlier score by 5K and gave me 8 slot. Brilliant — Thank you!! I kept getting one-birders with low points. Soo thanks for posting your strat now i will go back to flinging this way: High score for now using the same first shot for a one-birder.

Castle Keep- Romantic Castle Escape for 2

Had several one-birders for only about k, because the lower right part of the structure remained. Once both are facing you, use BB-8 to activate the switch and open the door. As you walk into the next hallway, look up and you will see a cobweb. Turn left and head down the hall and you will see the final cobweb in the background just before the doorway.

Smash everything in the room and you will be left with two piles of debris. From the first, construct the platform for BB-8 to use, then from the other pile, build the right most option. As Rey, bounce up and hang from the pole, then switch to BB Using the device you built, lift Rey up until she can swing to the next pole. Land on the top of the small room, then climb the wall.

Hang from the small pipe, and when prompted, switch to BB Spin around so Rey is lowered and can keep climbing, then once she is on the other side, jump off to the left. Now climb onto the piece of wall here, switch to BB-8 and raise it all the way up. Continue climbing along the wall until you reach the end. Smash everything up here, then build the Staff Socket and use it.

This will open the door beneath you. Go in, smash the object and take the round cogwheel. Place it in into one of the missing slots near the small door in the center of the room.

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Now to get the second cog, it will be much easier. Smash the jump pad you used to originally bounce Rey on. From it's pieces, build the leftmost option.

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  • Spin the Staff Socket and inside the room is the second cog. Put it in position, then smash the staff socket you built and from the pieces build the center choice, which is right above the small door. Now switch to BB-8 and spin around until the emblem lines up. This will open the path and end the level. December 26, at 1: The garden is divided into special areas and sections defined by paths and hedging designed to arouse curiosity. The large trees and delineated sections provide micro-climates. Lily of the Valley flower well under the elms and Cinerarias, Cyclamens, Cliveas, Primrose and Polyanthus continue to flower there well into the summer months, most remaining in flower throughout the year.

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    Castle Breakout Gameplay: Level 8

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