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I think I have most of my CDs matched but there might a few left. You need a CD drive. My old desktop has one. Maybe iTunes match will no longer work? Mine uses a USB interface which I hope will be compatible when I eventually have to upgrade to a new machine.

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I use the drive to import music from CDs into my music archive. The GraceNote service which fills in the CD and track names works for almost everything I think it uses the ordered track lengths for the CD hash key. Any idea how to delete a ringtone from the iPhone once you install one? I cannot seem to figure that out.

Set custom Ringtone on iPhone without computer and iTunes

A quibble: It has never shown up as a device using Wi-Fi. Enable it in the summary settings area of iTunes with the iPhone connected. Your phone is synced with a different iTunes library, most likely.

I just had this problem and once I switched the phone over to the current iTunes, it worked. And I rebooted both the computer and the phone after the updates. It only took 10 seconds on my old Motorola Razr. Oh well. The ringtone must be. Tried to copy the files several different ways. Yes, all my files are. The 2 tones without cover art DID.

How weird is that? Unfortunately this drag and drop will not work for me, neither will add files, etc. I have double checked every step and all my ducks are in a row. Why does itunes screw with stuff constantly? All I figure is they want us to pay for ringtones instead of making them. This is how you transfer a ringtone to the iPhone in iTunes now Jason, this is how Apple tells you to do it as well if you contact support. Amazingly it works for everyone but you. I have been trying all day, they used to have drop and drag for ringtones but now it seems like they removed it im on windows 10 and everything is completely up to date i have m4r files i know how the process that needs to be done HOWEVER it is not letting me: I would appreciate some help without the snark.

I have the same issue. Have been using Macs since , so am not a spastic or newbie!!! Either wait for the sync to finish or like I did stop the sync and drag the files over and then restart the sync. I hope this helps. That is correct, you drag and drop the tones file over must be. You can not copy a ringtone or app or anything else to an iPhone when the device is busy syncing with iTunes. To counter the rude response I have a solution. Select the files. It works. Be nice to people, not snarky. Those who have the same problem, what phone do you have? I right clicked on my file and then hit control V in the iTunes to paste it and it worked!!

I hope this helps someone! Holy crap this worked! Thanks for the tip! D, thank you for saving my tones OK, I got them to show up under Tones, but after I synced, they were all lost! Except for the ringtones without coverart! This worked for me with a caveat. Thanks a lot. THIS finally worked!!! Thank you for posting this! I have tried for hours today to recover my ringtone that I made years ago and mysteriously fell off recently. What a palaver. Hooray for forums.

Amy — fantastic! It worked. Thank you so much! I appreciate you sharing. And shame on the snarky unhelpful poster above you! I can drag n drop into my phone then sync, but when I look at my phone, nothing is there. What the heck is going on? Same thing! Some of my files copied over fine and some just show up grey with the dotted circle on the left.

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Driving me crazy. Spent a long time trying to figure this out but hopefully this info helps others. Same problem here. I had the same drag and drop issues as Jason and others. I was creating ringtones in the editing software, Fission. What worked for me was updating the Fission software.

Drag and drop then worked flawlessly. There were all my ringtones there. Lots of cheering after faffing about for over an hour. Good luck Alex. Copied files are grey. Vry frustrated. My 5 ringtones which I have been using since last 5 yrs, gone. But weirdly, this is only true for files created in the new version And yes we all followed the simple instructions. Anyone know a way to do this that actually works?

Never would have figured that out. What do you know? Bernd M. Schell was absolutely right. Link instructions here: Hopefully, it works for all of you too. Neither Drag and Drop nor Copy and Paste are working for me. No go. Yes, I followed the instructions. One point.

Using iTunes Laptop has High Sierra. Drag and drop does not work for me.

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After trying to get this to work for a week I called Apple. Worked like a charm. I sync and nothing seems to transfer.

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Guys I spent more than two hours figure things out. Here is the thing the new window 8 up kinda hide the extended name of the file. So, if you just rename by removing. That is not gonna work. So you will see that ahaaa it is still. Hope this help. I have an iPhone 7 plus and my itunes is currently It seems that it works and it does not. I tried all the incantations suggested here drag-and-drop to the icon, to the window, etc.

These new. Bottom line, there is some weird convergence of iTunes It did not work for me as well, but solved my issue. I hope it mey help the rest of you as well. I hope it does for you as well.

Hi, all. I have been having the same issue transferring custom ringtones from my Mac to my iPhone 8—both running most recent versions of OS with the latest version of iTunes. What shows up on my phone is ringtone template. I have followed all the suggestions here and have spent lots and lots of time on the phone with Apple Accessibility—I happen to be blind. I have been using itunes for years now. Nowadays i can drag n drop songs to my phone still this is retarded cause, this itunes is basically just unnecessary compared to just file based dnd Now i tried to add new ringtone, cause how hard it can be?

How wrong I was, how wrong? First thing in the morning im gonna crack the crap out of this god forsaken device! Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: September 18, at 4: Alex says: September 19, at September 21, at September 18, at 6: Heather says: October 12, at 1: Anne says: September 18, at DL says: October 4, at 7: Jefferson Soares says: September 19, at 6: Scott Cohen says: September 20, at December 13, at 2: Jim Roberts says: September 21, at 7: Sporko says: September 21, at 8: Sarah says: Page content loaded.

Aug 1, 9: You cannot set "songs" as ringtones. You would have to convert a snippit of the song into a ringtone file type using a 3rd party app. Aug 1, That will not work with non-original songs or music. I was just posting to say generally one could use garageband to do this. There are detailed descriptions of procedures and even youtube videos of step by step how to use garageband to make a ringtone from any song, from any source, in your iTunes library. I just figured the OP could google those up on their own.

How to Copy Ringtones to iPhone or iPad in iTunes 12.7

Dec 30, 6: I am very disappointed, as I thought by purchasing a ringtone the set up would be easy - this I find to be extremely misleading. Before iPhone allows you to purchase a ringtone, they should make it very clear that to download a ringtone you will need the GarageBand programme in order to enable the ringtone to work. I sent an email to the support team, in the hope that they would be able to advise me.

I was basically referred to a telephone number for the country that I live in. In writing this email, when finished I think I am going to ask back for a refund. I am so not impressed! Dec 30, 7: Dec 30, 8: Many thanks iinami and tonefox, very much appreciated. I'm not a techi person and have found your link very useful. Off to give it a try now! Will let you know the outcome. Nov 7, 6: Jul 18, Go on your computer and open itunes. Find the song you want as your ringtone and right click. There should be a new version of the song. Go and listen to it and find the part you want as a ringtone, right both the beginning and end time.

Now Right click on the New Version and Select Get info, go to Options and insert the new beginning and end time you want as the ringtone. Now delete that version off of itunes and when it asks if you want to keep the file or move to recycling bin. Once you Find it select the new file and rename the extension ". Now double click the new file and it should automatically add it to your Tones Folder.

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